Girl mortified as hairdresser leaves her with horrific fringe in awkward blunder

Girl mortified as hairdresser leaves her with horrific fringe in awkward blunder

Going to the hairdressers can be a pretty nerve-wracking experience, whether you’re just going for a trim or getting a whole new ‘do.

But unfortunately for some, it doesn’t always go to plan.

Laura Clarke took an image of a woman with a middle parting and a sweeping curtain fringe to her appointment for her hairdresser to recreate, but what she gave her was quite the oppositeā€¦

In a TikTok video that has been viewed almost three million times, Laura revealed the blunt, block haircut she’d been left with.

She said: “Went to the hairdressers today to get a middle part and curtain bangs.

“This was the photo I showed them.”

The clip then cut to a very unimpressed Laura showing off the hairstyle she’d been given.

Since being posted, the video has racked up more than 140,000 likes and 2,500 comments from viewers who were convinced she’d cut her hair herself because it looked so bad.

Whilst a few people said she just needed to style the fringe properly, others said the hairdresser had botched it up.

One person said: “I have this hair cut and I don’t style it. Stop saying it’s all about styling. The hairdresser screwed this up big time.”

Another said: “Hairdressers lives will be much easier when people realise the hair in these photos has all been styled.”

“Oh my god I was going to ask for this at the hairdressers tomorrow but I think this is my sign not to,” revealed a third.

“You did that yourself, darling, is quite obvious,” someone else said.

And another person commented: “To be fair, the hair in the picture looks cute but it will never look like this on a daily basis.”