Man fumes as woman ‘skips queue’ to take photos while he proposes

Man fumes as woman ‘skips queue’ to take photos while he proposes

Getting engaged should be one of the happiest days of your life, but for one couple it was slightly tainted.

The happy duo, who got engaged at a water park, shared the video of their special moment online.

But they weren’t impressed after a stranger reportedly skipped the queue and began taking photos in the background.

The video of the awkward moment at Gerald Hines Waterwall Park in Houston, US, has been viewed more than two million times.

In the video, filmed by a man called Javier, he wrote: “A random lady decided to take pictures on my proposal video.

“I waited for my turn to do the video but the lady didn’t want to wait.”

He then showed the proposal, while the woman poses in the background, apparently unaware of the romantic scene just a few feet away.

After turning around, the woman seems to clock that she’s in the background, and begins to walk off.

In the comments, Javier said there were around 20 people at the tourist spot, and everyone queued for photos.

The video didn’t go down well with everyone, as one person commented: “The fact that she has the audacity to look at them like she didn’t see them when she walked up.”

Another commented: “This made me so mad,” which Javier liked.

“She should have waited her turn like they did,” posted another.

A third joked: “She has to pay for your wedding now. She wanted to be a part of the engagement.”

But others thought that it was an innocent mistake, with one arguing: “She’s very far away.

“I bet she didn’t even know she was in the shot.”

Another added: “I’m not defending her but my anxiety can cause me to not look at my surroundings, even when things may seem obvious.”

Others argued it was a public place, meaning you have to accept that this kind of thing happens.

One commented: “Not to be funny but unless you specifically book a public space or go very early or late then you shouldn’t expect it to be clear.”

Another blasted: “How would she even know she was in the video? You are in a public place and expect her to just up and leave.”