2016 NBRRO Conference Photos

Our 33nd Annual Conference will be held from
July 12th-14th, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee.

The proposed theme is: “Applying Modern Tools and Technology.” The conference will also include seminars by represen­tatives of several of the state business licensing organizations about their organization’s ability to regulate issues of current relevance in their states, which have applicability to administration, licensing, and code enforcement officials throughout the country.

For information you may put to use when you return to work, join us July 12-14, 2017 in Nashville, TN.

We understand that many jurisdictions are faced with budget constraints and must demonstrate the value to be received from training events. The following link provides an email template that documents the value of NBRRO training. To allow these jurisdictions to enjoy the benefits of the conference, we've created a scholarship program.

NBRRO Sponsors also subsidise a limited number of scholarships. To request a scholarship, please complete and submit this application: Scholarship Application (pdf)

About The Annual Conference

The conference is designed to provide a full and in-depth treatment of both regulatory and revenue issues that affect administration, business licensing, and code enforcement officials. There are a wide variety of subjects presented by excellent speakers and valuable written materials distributed. The formal presen­tations is enhanced by enjoyable social activities to increase the interaction with colleagues.

An annual conference is held each July usually during the third or fourth week. It starts on a Wednesday afternoon, with a reception that evening. Thursday begins with a buffet breakfast, and the ability to converse with exhibitors. Classes (with lunch included) are held the rest of the day. On Friday we have morning presentations.

Learning what one’s peers are doing around the country provides new insights, strengthens good practice, and fosters professional growth and understanding. This is done by providing social interaction, as well as presentations from experts and other administration, licensing, and code enforcement officials, supplemen­ted with conference material prepared by the presenters. Previous subjects include civil liability for licensing officials, gross receipts taxes, licensing procedures, enforcement, locating unlicensed businesses, alcoholic beverage licensing, taxi cabs, sexually oriented businesses, tax collection, solicitors and peddlers and licens­ing office organization and computerization. Also, at each conference, there is a court case law update of the most recent decisions from around the country that affect licensing and code enforcement officials.

A Certificate of Completion is awarded at each conference. The certificate documents the courses attended, a brief description of each course and certifies up to 14 hours of continuing education. (Each hour is calculated based on at least 50 minutes of instruction.)

Should circumstances arise where a registered conference attendee is unable to attend the conference, they may authorize a substitute to attend in lieu of their attendance by completing and submitting this form: Substitute Conference Attendee (pdf).

Past Venues include:

2016-Denver, CO
2015-Savannah, GA 2014-San Diego, CA 2013-Washington, DC
2012-Anaheim, CA 2011-New Orleans, LA 2010-Las Vegas, NV
2009-Atlanta, GA 2008-Denver, CO 2007-Washington, DC
2006-Las Vegas, NV 2005-Charleston, SC 2004-Miami Beach, FL
2003-New Orleans, LA 2002-Las Vegas, NV 2001-San Diego, CA
2000-Fort Lauderdale, FL 1999-Charleston, SC 1998-San Antonio, TX
1997-Salt Lake, UT 1996-New Orleans, LA 1995-San Francisco, CA
1994-Las Vegas, NV 1993-Seattle, WA 1992-Tampa, FL
1991-Virginia Beach, VA 1990-New Orleans, LA 1989-Las Vegas, NV
1988-Boston, MA 1987-Orlando, FL 1986-Orange, CA
1985-Atlanta, GA 1984-Salt Lake City UT (Regional)